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    28 Things To Eat In Southwest London Right Now

    Go (south)west.

    1. Seared tuna tacos at Bluebird, Chelsea

    2. Mixed Grill at Santa Maria Del Sur, Battersea

    3. Tapas at Boqueria, Battersea

    4. Kitchen residencies at King & Co, Clapham

    5. Fish at Chez Bruce, Wandsworth

    Chez Bruce

    You'll never get a bad dish at the sought-after Michelin-starred restaurant, but their beautiful, elegant fish dishes are a real high point.

    6. Burgers at Hot Pink Grill, Wimbledon

    Hot pink grill

    Hot Pink Grill prides itself on a healthy, grilled approach (as the name suggests) so you can wolf a burger there without the ensuing coma. Just about.

    7. Confit yolk at Dairy, Clapham

    8. Massive pizzas at Al Forno, Wimbledon

    9. Art on a plate at Trinity, Clapham

    10. Lebanese food at Meza, Tooting

    11. Pasta at La Nonna, Wimbledon

    12. Tacos at Casa Morita, Brixton

    13. Noodle soup at Mama Lan, Brixton

    14. Scotch egg at The Ship, Wandsworth

    15. Charcuterie board at Seven, Brixton

    16. Grilled quail at Mien Tay, Battersea

    17. Brunch at Ben's Canteen, Wandsworth

    18. Jerk platter at Negril, Brixton

    19. Skate and clams at Manor, Clapham

    20. Steamed chicken at Talay Thai, Streatham

    21. The Ambassador at Hawksmoor, Knightsbridge

    22. Wild garlic scallops at Rabbit, Chelsea

    23. Ravioli at Bibo, Putney

    24. Pâté and toast at The French Café, Balham

    Flickr: kake_pugh

    A simple classic done well can never disappoint.

    25. Chicken and chips at Poulet Rouge, Balham

    26. Fish and Chips from Kennedy's, Streatham

    27. Tandoori scallops at Namada, Southfields


    A delicious alternative to your usual tandoori lamb or chicken.

    28. Sushi at Hashi, Raynes Park


    Impeccable Japanese food presented as beautifully as it should be.

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