Fictional Characters Designed To Scare The Hell Out Of You As A Child

Because being a kid wasn’t terrifying enough right?

1. G’mork – The Never Ending Story

So first of all they give you “The Nothing” a fictional emptiness that wipes out your favourite characters and then a ferocious wolf with haunting green eyes that wants to help it along on the path to destruction? Make this story end now before we never sleep again…

2. Stripe- Gremlins

A reminder to siblings of ADHD kids everywhere never to feed their little brothers after midnight…

3. Grand High Witch – The Witches

“You may remove your shoes, you may remove your wigs….” Now please remove this scene from my memory…

4. Mumm Ra- Thunder Cats

I don’t know what it was about this dude but he made even a roll of Andrex scary

5. The Child Catcher- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Clearly a cunning character created by parents to make sure you never accepted sweets from strangers ever… “Come and get your lollipops!”

6. Headmaster- The Demon Headmaster

How to make kids across the country scared of school assemblies- Nice one BBC…

7. Zordrak Lord Of Nightmares- The Dreamstone.

Giant purple dragon thing that creates evil dreams, turns things into stone and sits on a thrown above a “pit of no return” filled with snake like monsters – creative way to make a five year old never want to go to sleep again, like ever…

8. The White Witch – The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

Crazy ass bitch who orders hoofed men to murder kids, makes it forever winter and never Christmas…No Action Man for you this year!

9. The Wheelers- Return to OZ

Grown men that squawk like hyenas on wheels – need I say anymore?

10. Scar- The Lion King

HE KILLED MUFASA!!!! Thus evoking a new kind of childhood trauma for seven year olds “in theatres everywhere… “

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