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20 UK 90s Girls Toys That Made You The Envy Of All Your Friends...

Because you would give your last Milky Way Magic Star to get your hands on the wedding cup cake doll....

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2. Mr. Frosty

"Mr. Frosty, he's so fun, he makes treats for everyone!" Except no one, not even your dad after a bottle of Lucozade could manage to crush the ice to look like the delectable slush in the pictures..

3. Wedding Cup Cake Doll

A blonde bride that popped out of a cake and smelt like a baby prostitute - What could be more desirable? Also it fulfilled every girls dreams- WEDDINGS AND CAKE!

4. 3 In 1 Barbie Dream House

It was an apartment, a town house AND a beach bungalow ommmgggggg - all you had to do was play architect by re-arranging the plastic and hoping for the best...

5. Lucy Locket

It was like Polly Pocket but BIGGER, you could carry it like a prized handbag and there was less chance of you loosing the pieces but no one's parents wanted to fork out fifty quid for the privilege...

9. Bedtime Barbie

The perfect sleepover companion, unlike other Barbies this was was soft and stuffed to prevent plastic pokes- wash her face with cold water an she'd even close her her eyes to sleep!

12. Jacqueline Wilson Books

Double Act, The Lottie Project, Tracy Beaker, The Bed And Breakfast Star... there were no lengths you wouldn't go to to finish each and every one of these young fiction masterpieces...

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