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    10 Reasons Why Being A Student Sucks

    It's not all drinking and sleeping being a student... in fact at times it can actually suck and here's why!

    Living In The Library

    Sherlockology / Via

    You need to use the library for research and revising right? But when you're at the point where you've memorised where every book is and how many copies are available, you really consider stepping outside and enjoying the sunshine.

    Plus, there's always one super student who you never see in the library, then they makes it to the top of the class. You swear they've done it all before and actually just take the class for fun!

    Passive Aggressive Housemates

    Likes / Via

    There's nothing like a passive aggressive note to brighten up your morning and make you love your housemates....

    Your housemates are guaranteed to range from clean freak to never replaces the toilet roll... and there's always that one housemate who never leaves their room... Just make sure you're not the one leaving the notes!

    Caffeine Addiction

    Rebloggy / Via

    Caffeine.... Caffeine... Caffeine.... It's your first thought and last thought... pretty much all that can get you through the day..

    If it's exam time, don't even question it - just FILL UP THE CUP NOW!

    But when you get to the point that you're comparing the labels of drinks for caffeine amounts in the middle of the shop.. it's time to switch to water.

    Student Loans

    Photobucket / Via

    You get your student loan and all you want to do is shop... then you pay your rent and you're lucky to be able to afford food until you're next payment...

    It's a cruel cycle... the Student Loan giveth money and the Student Housing taketh money away.

    Cue countdown to the next Student Loan payment

    Stupidly Expensive Rent

    GVA Commercial Property Agents / Via

    Yes you need somewhere to live... but is a student flat really worth £180 A WEEK??

    One Hundred and Eighty English Pounds purely for a roof over your head... a roof that you can't paint or decorate, so are stuck with relying on posters as decor. A roof that you share with five other people who also pay £180 per week - that's over £1000 per week...

    I need to lie down just thinking about these crazy costs!

    All Nighters

    Cheezburger / Via

    Got an essay to do... No Problem I'll pull an all nighter..... Coffee? Check. Pizza? Check. Mac? Check. TV Boxset to watch? Check...

    11 pm you're like 'Yeah I can do this!'....2 am and you deeply regret it... 5 am and you're dreaming of your bed...

    Just remember one thing.. If you pull an all nighter the night before an exam.. Don't miss the exam!

    Group Projects

    Fourc / Via

    Nothing upsets you more than hearing the phrase 'Pick A Group!'... Guaranteed you'll be stuck with two types of people.... the one who wants to live in the library 24/7 and the one that never contributes a thing.

    Don't think that you can get to work with your friends either... Lecturers love creating groups alphabetically or picking at random... it's clearly all part of an evil plan to make you dislike the class.

    Having To Explain What You Actually Do

    Marketo / Via

    Art History? What's that? American Literature? What are you going to do with that degree? What's the point in Media Studies? Don't you just watch TV all day?....

    There is nothing worse than being questioned about the degree you're taking and what you're going to do with your life because of it....

    Noodles Are Your Diet

    Reddit / Via

    Noodles are your diet.... You know every flavour and where they're on offer. You beg your parents to get your a bulk load of Kimchi noodles from Costco....

    Noodles in a pitta is a gourmet meal and you know for a fact that noodles taste better out the pot than on a plate. You've even eaten noodles dry because you were too lazy to cook them...

    Food Thieves

    Imgur / Via

    You worked hard... You've saved enough of your student loan to buy a meal that isn't Smart Price... you've been waiting for it all day... you can practically taste it.... you go to the fridge and it's gone.

    Food thieves... they're just the worst!