16 Gloriously Zany Temporary Tattoos

Maybe a permanent tattoo is too big of a commitment. That’s okay, these adorable tats have your back. Or your arm.

1. For the hipster

Nothing says unique like a peg-leg cat wearing a sweater.

2. For the fantasy fanatic

Will this tattoo transport me to Middle Earth?

3. For the cat lover

And he’s even got a jug of milk, how cute.

4. For the sarcasm aficionado

No, really, I’m listening.

5. For the florist

Dress up or dress down, it’ll look great with pretty much anything.

6. For the animal lover

Run, Mr. Fox, run.

7. For the showstopper

Guarantee no one else at the party will be wearing this.

8. For the night owl

Moonlight even during the day.

9. For the globetrotter

The world at your fingertips.

10. For the Pocahontas wannabe

Flit, is that you?

11. For the ocean adventurer

But this jellyfish won’t last long underwater.

12. For the minimalist

A funky little bear to keep you company.

13. For the art enthusiast

Dali inspired.

14. For the homebody

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

15. For the mountaineer

You won’t have to take a hike to show off your style.

16. For the foodie

The breakfast club.

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