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    21 Secrets Professional Nannies Will Never Tell You

    We're not exactly practically perfect in every way…

    1. Being a nanny is a profession.

    2. We sometimes get poached by other parents.

    3. Kids are lovable brats.

    4. Most kids are pretty average.

    5. We don’t want to sleep with the dad.

    6. We have lives too!

    7. We do sometimes snoop around.

    8. It can be really awkward looking after kids when the parents are around.

    9. We can’t save a kid’s life.

    10. We’re not judging anyone's food choices.

    11. We worry that we’ll screw up our own kids.

    12. Yes, we sometimes have to yell.

    13. We know other nannies, and we swap horror stories.

    14. We worry we will never, ever, forget this time in our life... but that the kids we look after will.

    15. We get called "mama".

    16. We're not housekeepers.

    17. When we walk out of the door, we don’t give the kids a second thought.

    18. When parents undermine us, it cuts deep.

    19. We can’t text back right away.

    20. Paying us on time is the greatest gift we expect.

    21. We love those kids as if they were our very own.

    Note: This post is based on one person's experience of working in the industry.

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