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Meet Deep Blue: The 20-Foot Great White Of Your Nightmares

In case you weren't already afraid to get in the water.

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Cue the Jaws theme song, because Deep Blue, the nickname given to this massive Great White, has made her silver screen debut. Recently posted by Maruricio Hoyos Padilla, the director of the conservation group Pelagios Kakunja, Deep Blue causally approaches divers, completely dwarfing them in comparison to her estimated 20-foot-long frame.

The group has also estimated that Deep Blue is around 50 years old and at the time of this photoshoot was PREGNANT. That's right, soon to be giant baby Great Whites are silently creeping around in the ocean at this very moment!

Check out the video clip below to see for yourself just how magnificently huge (and terrifying) Deep Blue really is.

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