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A Photographer Has Found The Exact Spots Where Album Covers Were Created

Reggae record sleeves return to the spot where they were once created.

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Photographer Alex Bartsch travelled all over London to find the backdrops to reggae record sleeves dating back as far as the 1960s. Each LP is held at arm's length and positioned to blend seamlessly into the surrounding area. It's an interesting way of showing the passage of time and the space used to make an album cover.


"I listen to and collect reggae music. My record collection is mainly reggae so that’s the music I started this project with," Bartsch tells BuzzFeed. "But I have also started doing other covers from different genres and different cities."

The difficulty of actually locating the spot where each image was taken really depended on the cover. "Some were instantly recognisable while others took weeks of detective work to pinpoint the location. I use many different tools to research a location, like the info on the record sleeve which could indicate the area the photo might have been taken. I use the internet to search through photos and maps and I also try to track down the photographer or artist or producer."

"The best part of this whole process is probably the moment I discover the location of the album cover," Bartsch says. "It takes weeks, sometimes months, so it’s a great moment when I find it. It’s that eureka moment."


Alex Bartsch is raising funds through Kickstarter to turn this series into a photography book.

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