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19 Apocalyptic Photos Of Storms And Supercells From Kansas And Beyond

Intrepid storm chaser Dennis Oswald has been chasing 100mph storms for nearly 15 years.

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Originally from Neuss, Germany, Dennis Oswald loves the thrill of chasing enormous storms in his home country and the United States's "tornado alley".

Oswald snaps colourful and formidable storms, getting as close as he dares.

The 34-year-old told Caters News: “I've been interested in weather and photography since I was a teenager. I saw people chasing storms in the US and thought 'I could do that too’.”


"There have been a lot of unique storms over the years,” Dennis told Caters News. "One of my favourites was the Howard supercell in Kansas, which looked great with the sun setting underneath. Another time I witnessed seven tornadoes in single day near Rago in Kansas."



"This is an amazing supercell with setting sun underneath ... perfect structure and light on this beautiful storm in Kansas." – Dennis Oswald


"The most dangerous storm I chased was the bow-echo storm in my hometown of Neuss. ... The wind gusts were so intense and lots of trees were damaged or completely destroyed ... It was very difficult to get in a safe place – trees were flying all over the place.” – Dennis Oswald


"Many of the windmills were destroyed right after this photo was taken." – Dennis Oswald

"I'm already planning my next adventure." – Dennis Oswald

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