21 Stunning Photos That Will Make You See America Differently

Photographer Jeffrey Milsten leant out of a helicopter to pay tribute to places "where humans gather".

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New York photographer Jeffrey Milstein wanted to capture aerial photos of the places "where humans gather" across New York and California. His photo series Parks and Recreation features Milstein's dizzying style of sky-high photography, created by leaning out of a helicopter.

Parks and Recreation shows public spaces like Times Square, Bryant Park, and Washington Park, museums and monuments like Griffith Observatory, the Getty Museum, and the Statue of Liberty, and sports and amusement parks like Venice skatepark, Santa Monica pier, and Coney Island.

Milstein told the Rex USA agency: "From earliest times people gathered in public spaces for community events, sharing of information, and sporting competition. Italian towns formed around public piazzas. The Greeks had the agora, the Acropolis, and outdoor theaters. Great cities like London and New York have devoted valuable land to public parks."

Milstein was inspired to pay tribute to these open public spaces by research from Dr. Laura Payne of the University of Illinois, who says that people who take part in park activities have fewer doctor visits, a lower body mass index, and lower systolic blood pressure.