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    Top 5 Magical Transformations On 30th December Around Europe

    Wherever you wish to spend the last days of the year, the 30th always seems to be a great choice for doing something different. Here's a selection of European attractions, in 5 different cities, with their own versions of frozen or hot winter magic.

    1. Budapest: Cinetrip - The Light supersonic bath experience

    The greatest transformation will be at Budapest's best-loved thermal Bath, Széchenyi, where fire jugglers, acrobats and tumblers will entertain dancers in and around the hot hot pools, with mindboggling visual shows and special DJ sets of the semi-annual Cinetrip extravaganza.

    2. London - Winter Wonderland

    Hyde Park is enchanted by the Magical Ice Kingdom, with frozen sculptures and a stunning ice rink, which circles the Victorian bandstand, adrenaline-fuelled rollercoasters, and the acrobatic wonders of shows at Zippos Circus and Cirque Beserk.

    3. Berlin - Cocoon party at Watergate

    Watergate is a split-level, two-room club overlooking the River Spree in Berlin's Kreuzberg neighbourhood, and on this night artists of Sven Väth's famous Cocoon label will transform it featuring the Founder himself along with Daniel Stefanik, Dana Ruh, Maurizio Schmitz, Marco Resmann.

    4. Barcelona - Magic Fountain Christmas Special

    If you are into romantic strolls at the end of the year, you can enjoy the colour and excitement of the Magic Fountain in Barcelona, as it returns on this day every half hour between 7pm and 9pm. All to the spectacular backdrop of the Palacio Nacional.

    5. Prague - The Magic Flute at the National Marionette Theatre

    You may get bedazzled by the famous Czech puppetry if you happen to go further East on the European map, where playful marionettes offer a new and unique way to enjoy Mozart's brilliant opera, starting 6 PM.

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