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    19 Pictures Of Tasmania To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

    Because we can still appreciate its beauty without having to leave our homes ❤️

    To stop the spread of the coronavirus, right now it’s important to avoid nonessential travel and practice social distancing, as recommended by health authorities around the world. We hope you’ll find our content a joyful distraction that’s entertaining, inspiring, or worth bookmarking for a future trip.
    Stay safe and informed by checking government health sites and following our latest coverage. Oh, and please wash your hands.

    If you’re starting to lose your mind from all this self-isolation stuff, start dreaming about your next sneaky escape to our beloved little island, Tassie. In the meantime, here are 19 unique Tasmanian experiences that you can enjoy virtually.

    1. Breathe in the panoramic views of Mount Amos — without getting all hot and sweaty from a hard hike.

    2. Before giving this Tasmanian wombat a virtual pat!

    3. You can almost feel the water droplets falling onto your skin from this photo of Russell Falls, in Mount Field National Park.

    4. And the coolness of the mist settling in on Cradle Mountain.

    5. Try and stop your mouth from salivating over this delicious feast from Frank Bar & Restaurant – I dare you.

    6. Now imagine this hot-spiced cider from Red Brick Road Cider warming you from the inside-out.

    7. Inhale and exhale the breathtaking coastal views of Bruny Island Neck.

    8. Speaking of glorious sunsets, imagine sitting under this stunning rock formation along the Maria Island coastline.

    9. Here's another magical view you can enjoy without the hike-induced leg burn. This one’s from the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

    10. But getting lost in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park does count as self-isolating — right?

    11. Another Tassie sunset that looks suspiciously like a vodka sunrise.

    12. And no, this is not a drill. These are real views of the Aurora Australis from Goats Bluff.

    13. Not sure if you’ve heard, but the surf is pretty unreal at Ship Stern Bluff.

    14. And while bathing outside at places like Thalia Haven is pretty much the best thing to de-stress from life's woes, this picture does get pretty close!

    15. Just IMAGINE seeing all the cool exhibits at MONA once this thing is all over.

    16. Hmmm the idea of partaking in the Dark Mofo Nude Solstice Swim probably sounds pretty liberating right about now.

    17. Enjoy another magical view, this time from on top of Mount Wellington (but without the strong AF wind almost blowing you over the edge).

    18. Delight in this vista of the Tessellated Pavement in Eaglehawk Neck.

    19. And finish off daydreaming about kick back and soaking up the sun at Bay of Fires – Binalong Bay.

    It may be a while until you get to experience this beautiful island state IRL, but Tassie will always be there for you in spirit!

    I’m not crying, you're crying!

    If you do have upcoming travel, check the CDC for updates, see more information about travel and the coronavirus, and follow our latest coverage.