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    21 Reasons Why Miss Phryne Fisher Is A Fashion Icon

    Everything she wears is awesome.

    Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries centers around Phryne Fisher, a "lady detective" who solves crimes in 1920s Melbourne. Solving gruesome murders and kidnappings comes effortlessly to Phryne – as does her amazing sense of style.

    Here are a few reasons Phryne Fisher (played by the super cool Essie Davis) is a total fashion icon.

    1. Sparkly headbands FTW.

    ABC / Via

    Like this beauty.

    And this!

    ABC / Via

    And this perfect piece.

    ABC / Via

    2. Her earrings always match her hat or headpiece.

    3. "I’ll eat my cloche" — an appropriate fashion-themed phrase for when Phryne dares someone to tell her she is wrong.

    ABC / Via

    Which is never. Plus she has loads of hats.

    4. Even her weapon of choice is chic!

    ABC / Via

    A .38 gold and pearl revolver. Chic.

    5. She disembarks a cruise liner dressed in a complementary nautical outfit.


    Totally chic.

    6. Diamonds and feathers are standard, whatever the time of day.

    ABC / Via

    7. Miss Fisher knows that a mug shot can be excellent practice for a runway opportunity.

    ABC / Via


    8. She has appropriate attire for motoring: driving gloves, proper luggage and long patterned scarves.

    And the Hispano Suiza is to die for.

    9. She has a deep-filled fancy dress box with outfits perfect for any occasion.

    ABC / Via

    Hello Roman warrior costume for her beau in waiting, Inspector Robinson?!

    ABC / Via

    They're commonly known as "Phrack" in the fandom.

    10. Rocks a red lip — even in a fight!


    11. Yup. Don't mess with Phryne.


    12. Even when stuck in a water filled locked box, Miss Fisher’s makeup isn’t out of place.

    ABC / Via

    13. Phryne knows the value of shopping around for clothes.

    ABC / Via

    14. She has a super cool "cat burglar outfit."

    15. She can run in heels... gracefully.

    16. Miss Fisher knows how devastating it can be when you ladder your hosiery.

    17. She dresses appropriately for every situation.


    Who else looks this chic on a fairground ride?

    18. She has a hat for every occasion.

    And remains chic even when tending to a murder victim.

    ABC / Via

    19. Instills the importance of dressing for yourself first and foremost.

    20. She looks amazing rocking the winter white look.

    21. Has the best party dress EVER.

    I <3 it.

    I mean, it's perfect in every way.

    ABC / Via

    Hooray, Miss Fisher, aka the best dressed detective there is!