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    This Artist Drawing Famous Logos Will Give You An Eyegasm

    Thought American Horror Story was eyecatching? Now you REALLY won't be able to look away.

    Artist Draws Famous Logos By Hand (Seb Lester)

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    This simple video has captured the attention of more than 900,000 views in the past month. It displays artist Seb Lester from East Sussex in the UK penning logos from renowned brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, Google, Vans, and even TV show American Horror Story.

    The video has attracted much interest as Lester's firm strokes perfectly replicate logos we have come to know and love in a way that many have described as oddly eye-catching. One comment on the youtube video even describes the viewing as extremely "satisfying"!

    Lester did not intend to become an artist, however. In reality, he trained as a graphic design artist in London, and went on to actually design the logos for some of these logos. Now, he says he has moved on from this and found a new passion in the artistry of drawing itself.

    "I find the Latin alphabet to be one of mankind's most beautiful and profound creations," Lester stated in a recent interview, reflecting his passion for interesting lettering. "I love letterforms and they’re the focus of much of my life."

    This love for has certainly paid off, as Lester has since become one of the highest profile calligraphers in the world. Viral videos like this only add to that press interest, and he now has over one million followers across all of his social media platforms.

    Lester says he plans to continue working on and promoting his art form. "I want to try to constantly evolve and progress," he stated to organisation One Minute With.

    His plans for the future, too, are bright. "I increasingly try to only take on projects that really excite me," he answered to questions about his creative direction. And indeed, this is something we hope will be perpetuated in all artists in our world today.

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