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    17 Signs You Go To Sewanee

    you attend that beloved school atop the Tennesee mountain that, no matter how many times you try to explain, will never make sense to your hometown friends.

    1. Mcclurg is the bane of your existence... Especially at 12:00

    2. You base your roommate decision off their room draw number... Anything is fine as long as it's not Gorgas or Phillips

    3. Your School Looks Like Hogwarts

    4. .... Gowns and all.

    5. Spring Party and Fall Party are the best weekends of the year... You think... Not that you actually remember.

    6. You tell people you go to a "small liberal arts school in Tennessee", because (unless they are alums) it is extremely unlikely that they have actually heard of Sewanee.

    7. You know it's time to go home when you order a granger from the pub.

    8. You get over the freshman excitement that there's a sale at Mountain Outfitters as soon as you realize that there's ALWAYS a sale at Mountain Outfitters

    9. "Sewanee: The University of the South"

    10. Boys dress up and Girls dress down for pledgeship.

    11. You attend the tailgate but probably never make it to an actual football game for more than three minutes (if even at all).

    12. The EMT that brought you to the hospital is in your spanish class... As is the firefighter that arrived at SNU as soon as the fire alarm was pulled... again

    13. Your instagram is filled with pictures of the cross, greensview, morgan's steep, and bridal veil.

    14. Everyone becomes a chain smoker as soon as finals begin simply to find a reason to leave the dungeon that is Club Dupont

    15. You are no longer phased by bizarre emails about deer, bears, and lost samurai swords.

    16. You know someone is sufficiently stoned when it's wednesday night and they only want one thing...

    17. At times you wish school was year-round so that you'd never have to leave this unbelievably amazing place with these unbelievably weird people