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    The Best Halloween Costumes Lists Are Buzzing

    Already we are seeing some great new ideas for costumes during this year's Halloween holiday. And they are amazing to say the least. And don't forget the makeup involved. You have got to see. My first impression left with me with no choice but to let other know about the scariest and most glamorous and beautiful Halloween costumes coming out this year. Stay tuned for more on this. You can go to Best Halloween Costumes to see for yourself.

    Futuristic Alien - NYX Futuristic Challenge (NYX FACE AWARDS)

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    It is no surprise that Futuristic Alien - NYX Futuristic Challenge (NYX FACE AWARDS) made the awards. This one looks real and captivating. Use this idea to make your appearance at your favorite halloween party this yea.