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12 Signs You're A Pre-Med Student

You know who you are.

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1. You have said your major is "pre-med" even if you go to a school without an actual pre-med major.

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Freshmen. Need I say more?

2. You have volunteered or are volunteering at a hospital or medical clinic, and all you did was grunt work for months.

Lionsgate / Via

..and maybe you're still doing grunt work.

3. When someone mentions something related to science/health/medicine, you reply with something you just learned in one of your classes.

It's probably relevant.

It's probably relevant.

4. Your summers aren't filled with sun and sleeping. Summer for you is just more time to do more pre-med things.

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MCAT classes, summer classes, working... you name it because you're doing it.

5. You suck up to your professors.

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Gotta get those Letters of Rec, am I right?

6. You are either looking for, currently participating in, or have participated in scientific research.

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"Hi, Professor ____. My name is _____. Would you happen to have any open positions in your lab?"

7. At one point, you thought you HAD to have a major in science/health/related fields to go to med school.

FYI, you don't.

8. You depend on coffee to keep you functional during those 8 a.m. bio classes.

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We've all been there. No shame.

9. You've spent or are going to spend your first two years of college doing pre-reqs. / Via

Chem? More Chem? O Chem?

What about Bio?


10. You know what this is.

11. The number 45 means something very special to you.

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12. You've doubted yourself hundreds of times...

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...but you know that in the end, all your hard work, strong will, and determination will pay off.

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