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Toddler Road Trips Across America In Little Toy Car

"I said so long to my folks and drove my little red car into the sunset. Where will the road take me? I don’t know really, I’m just a baby."

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Right now, Bruce is driving his little red car across the country.

He's headed for Portland, Oregon, and has stopped at some pretty awesome places along the way!

He especially loves offbeat roadside attractions.

Bruce loves National Parks as well!

He's been traveling since he was tiny. His first big road trip was Route 66!

So far, he says, his favorite road trip was when he traveled around Texas for two weeks.

When he grows up, he wants to be an astronaut.

Or maybe a park ranger. But until then, he's going to keep exploring America on his little car.

Because even though he's been all over...

There's still a ton he has yet to see!

He's only a baby, after all...

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