The Most Adult-Friendly Coloring Books

You know your inner child wants all of them.

1. Mad Men

Etsy / Via

Coloring goes well with a gimlet. $14.72 from Etsy. (Pro tip: This Etsy shop, TeamArt, makes coloring books dedicated to Parks and Rec, Paul Rudd, cats, and more)

2. The Beatles

Modcloth / Via

This one will give your yellow crayon a workout! $9.99 from Modcloth.

3. Rosie Flo

Chronicle Books / Via

Costumes and designer dresses- and you can draw in the person wearing them! $8.99 from Chronicle Books.

4. Roy Lichtenstein

Urban Outfitters / Via

Put a new spin on iconic pop art! $8.95 from Urban Outfitters.

5. Bill Murray

Cool Material / Via

Thrill Bill, Volume 1. $15 from Cool Material.

6. Zombies

Etsy / Via

Have fun while learning how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse- edu-tainment at its finest! $4.00 on Etsy.

7. Lisa Frank

Throwback!!! Also includes stickerzzz! $9.99 at Toys R Us.

8. Steampunk

Pip pip cheerio! Dover makes a lot of historical and scientific coloring books that are great for the grown up kid! $6.99 From Dover.

9. Art Deco

Etsy / Via

More like FART DECO! Just kidding. $9.90 from Etsy.

10. Hip Hop

Barnes and Nobel / Via

Only God can judge me. $7.31 from Barnes and Noble.

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