Larry Stylinson
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    • Larry Stylinson

      Just thought I’d add my two cents considering I’m a Larry shipper or supporter or believer, cult member? I duno, whatever you want to call me… and can I just say that there are good, intelligent and polite people in the entire 1D fandom, including under the umbrella of Larry. Unfortunately, these people and their good manner and valid points are completely overshadowed by people like the writer of this article and the gullible, naive and very rude people that fuel this nonsense. If anybody is interested in reading some perfectly valid, reasonable and actually very interesting information (not ridiculous theories, tinhatting etc) but complete topics that are entirely factual, look at blogs such as Lapelosa, Bromanceshmomance… you can find others by looking through their connections, etc. I personally, and a number of others called bullshit on this from the start and made fun of the trolling along side with the troll! Only some are an easy target, the rest of us are quite hard to crack, however. Better luck next time, though :)

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