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    Adam Brody Has A Good Reason Why He Can't Watch Himself On "The O.C." Anymore

    "It sounds like I'm going through puberty."

    You know Adam Brody from a bunch of things — but let's face it. You really know him from The O.C.

    A headshot of Adam Brody for The O.C.

    And that's OK! Everyone loves watching Brody as Seth Cohen on the iconic teen TV drama — well, not quite everyone.

    Chris Pratt, in a beanie and skull-and-bones t-shirt, stands next to Brody who's wearing an ascot and a collered shirt

    On a recent episode of the Life Is Short With Justin Long podcast, Brody opened up about how — and why — he's just not able to watch himself in The O.C. these days.

    Brody sits at a table in front of an open book with a frown on his face

    Apparently, actor Vince Vaughn was Brody's "acting hero" when he first started shooting The O.C. — and now he "cannot bear" watching the show because he hears himself as a "chipmunk Vince Vaughn."

    Adam Brody looks up while wearing a striped T-shirt

    "I've since knocked that off," Brody said about what he referred to as "doing a terrible imitation of him for most of my twenties...a lot of my acting, for better or worse, in my twenties, is due to him."

    Brody sits on a bed while reading a graphic novel

    Brody also reflected on his time filming the show, saying that it felt as if he and his co-stars existed in "a bubble": "It wasn't like I had 20 million Twitter followers or whatever. I was, like, dating my costar…We were just in a 30-person social bubble that it felt like another planet."

    Brody points to Rachel Bilson while standing in front of a huge fish tank

    Anyway, listen, Adam Brody's got enough going on that he doesn't need to be rewatching The O.C. He was recently in the mystery-comedy The Kid Detective, and he was great in it.

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    Listen to the whole interview with Brody here.