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    Adam Brody Has A Good Reason Why He Can't Watch Himself On "The O.C." Anymore

    "It sounds like I'm going through puberty."

    You know Adam Brody from a bunch of things — but let's face it. You really know him from The O.C.

    A headshot of Adam Brody for The O.C.
    Michael Levine / Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

    And that's OK! Everyone loves watching Brody as Seth Cohen on the iconic teen TV drama — well, not quite everyone.

    Chris Pratt, in a beanie and skull-and-bones t-shirt, stands next to Brody who's wearing an ascot and a collered shirt
    Michael Desmond / Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

    On a recent episode of the Life Is Short With Justin Long podcast, Brody opened up about how — and why — he's just not able to watch himself in The O.C. these days.

    Brody sits at a table in front of an open book with a frown on his face
    Michael Desmond / Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

    Apparently, actor Vince Vaughn was Brody's "acting hero" when he first started shooting The O.C. — and now he "cannot bear" watching the show because he hears himself as a "chipmunk Vince Vaughn."

    Adam Brody looks up while wearing a striped T-shirt
    Warner Bros / Everett Collection

    "I've since knocked that off," Brody said about what he referred to as "doing a terrible imitation of him for most of my twenties...a lot of my acting, for better or worse, in my twenties, is due to him."

    Brody sits on a bed while reading a graphic novel
    Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

    Brody also reflected on his time filming the show, saying that it felt as if he and his co-stars existed in "a bubble": "It wasn't like I had 20 million Twitter followers or whatever. I was, like, dating my costar…We were just in a 30-person social bubble that it felt like another planet."

    Brody points to Rachel Bilson while standing in front of a huge fish tank
    Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

    "I was living in Hollywood; I wasn't around that many places," he continued. "I felt like, 'Oh my God, I have all these opportunities all of the sudden'...but we filmed that show, like, nine and a half months a year. There wasn't much time to capitalize on it."

    Anyway, listen, Adam Brody's got enough going on that he doesn't need to be rewatching The O.C. He was recently in the mystery-comedy The Kid Detective, and he was great in it.

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    Listen to the whole interview with Brody here.

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