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    Rosamund Pike Keeps All Of Her Awards In A Hilarious Place, And I Respect It

    "I think it's amusing."

    Rosamund Pike wins lots of awards! She just nabbed one for her Netflix movie I Care a Lot.

    Rosamund Pike holds a tiny coffee cup in I Care A Lot
    Seacia Pavao / Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

    But hey — where's she keeping all those things? Pike revealed all on a recent episode of Ellen. You ready for this one?

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    Ellen / YouTube / Via

    She buries them in her garden. Like, straight-up buries them in the dirt. That is...certainly a choice! And Pike has a reasonable explanation for it, too.

    Rosamund Pike giving her acceptance speech during the Golden Globes in 2021
    NBC / Getty Images

    "I just find it an uneasy thing to display any award in your home, because how do people interact with them when they come home?" she explained. "Do they say, 'Oh, wow, look, those are your awards'?"

    Rosamund pike at the premiere of Radioactive in London in March 2020
    Karwai Tang / WireImage

    "I think it's awkward, so I bury it in the garden with a little bit showing up so you can have an enticing glimpse of a hand or the globe maybe."

    Pike at the Radioactive UK premiere
    Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

    Pike then went on to detail a potentially hilarious future scenario as a result of her burying all these awards: "When I'm dead and gone or when somebody else buys the house, they'll be landscaping and they'll hit metal and they'll think they found buried treasure and they'll have, in fact, found a host of awards."

    Pike at the Radioactive premiere in Paris in February 2020
    Dominique Charriau / WireImage

    Honestly, if I were her, I’d keep them in a more normal place — but also, I’ve never won any awards, so what do I know?

    Pike at the celebration of the official start of the Silver Spitfire The Longest Flight expedition in Goodwood
    Remy Steiner / Getty Images

    Anyway, stream I Care a Lot on Netflix now. It's wild, and people can't stop talking about it.

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    Netflix / YouTube / Via

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