"Yellowstone" Star Wes Bentley Says He Kicked A Bear In The Face While Camping And Broke His Foot In The Process

    Obviously you gotta do what you gotta do when it comes to protecting your family, but that's...pretty extreme.

    You know Wes Bentley from the massive TV hit Yellowstone. (You probably also remember him from American Beauty if you're of a certain age.)

    closeup of Wes

    When Wes recently walked the red carpet for Yellowstone's fifth season, he was sporting a giant boot on his right foot.

    Wes at the event with a boot

    As it turns out, Wes claims that he broke his foot after...kicking a bear in the face. Yes, really.

    large bear

    The actor told Entertainment Tonight that the incident occurred while he was on a camping trip with his family.

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    “I was on a camping trip with my kids in Montana," he explained. "A bear approached and I kicked him in the face and broke my foot." And it sounds like the approach to fending off the furry creature actually worked!

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    "The bear started crying,” he said. “I didn’t know bears could cry. But this bear was crying."

    closeup of a bear

    Wes also joked that the bear felt so bad that it made his kids "a nice meal" and "apologized" to them — and he also said that he hopes his kids are appreciative of his heroic gesture.

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    "I had to sacrifice my leg for it so I hope my kids are appreciative, otherwise I’ll have to kick them out of the house," he joked.

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    Damn, that's cold. Anyway, I probably would personally not kick a bear in the face, but who knows what I would do! Probably run. Yeah, that's it.

    closeup of a bear growling

    Season 5 of Yellowstone premieres November 13. Here's the trailer:

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