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    After Posting And Deleting An Anti-Islam Comment, Selma Blair Has Seemingly Left Twitter

    Very disappointing.

    More than 100,000 Palestinians have been killed, wounded, or are missing in retaliatory attacks stemming from the events of Oct. 7, in which 1,200 Israelis were reportedly killed — the majority of them civilians — in attacks by Hamas.

    bombed building that palestinians are walking through to get to safety

    There continues to be a massive global outpouring of support for Palestinians, with protests taking place around the world (including within Israel itself). Celebrities and public figures who have voiced their support have also suffered consequences for doing so.

    people holding up pro-palestinian signs

    Celebrities who have voiced support for Israel's campaign of attacks against the Palestinian people have also faced backlash. Amy Schumer was criticized for a series of escalating posts that included a public rebuke from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s daughter Bernice King.

    Shortly after the Oct. 7 attacks, Jamie Lee Curtis and Justin Bieber both shared photos of the devastation in Palestine, under the presumption that they were pictures of Israel. They have both since deleted their posts without further apology or comment.

    Sarah Silverman shared a post from an Israeli food vlogger who said that Israel didn't need to provide Palestinians with water and electricity. She later said that she shared the post in a "stoned fury" and told the Los Angeles Times she had "no explanation" for why she shared it.

    Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp faced backlash for appearing in a video on Instagram alongside others who were holding up "Zionism is sexy" stickers. After support started to grow for a boycott of the show's final season, he responded via a TikTok stating that he only wanted "peace and safety and security for all innocent people affected by this conflict."

    Now, NBC News reports that Selma Blair has seemingly deactivated her Twitter account after facing backlash for an anti-Islam comment that she posted and deleted on Instagram.

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    The actor left the comment on an IG video posted by lawyer Abraham Hamra criticizing US Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush for voting against a measure intended to prevent anyone who took part in the Oct. 7 attacks from immigrating to the US.

    “Deport all these terrorist supporting goons," Selma reportedly posted. "Islam has destroyed Muslim countries and then they come here and destroy minds. They know they are liars. Twisted justifications. May they meet their fate.”

    Selma has since seemingly deleted the comment and deactivated her Twitter account — and it's most likely due to the backlash she's received on the platform:

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    We've reached out to Selma's reps for comment and will let you know if we hear back.