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    Selena Gomez Got Real About How Most Of Her Experiences In Relationships Have Been "Cursed"

    "I've been way too young to be exposed to certain things."

    You know Selena Gomez.

    Selena Gomez wears a red top on the red carpet for a concert in 2021
    Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for Global Citizen VAX LIVE

    In a recent interview with Vogue Australia, the singer and actor opened up about how she's reflected on her past relationships.

    "I think most of my experiences in relationships have been cursed," she admitted. "I’ve been way too young to be exposed to certain things when I was in relationships."

    "I guess I needed to find what was that word for me, because I felt so less than in past relationships, and never really felt equal."

    The word in question is "rare," which was the title of Gomez's latest album and her beauty line. She also has it tattooed around her neck.

    Gomez told Vogue Australia that she embraced the word after songwriter Nolan Lambroza used it in a writing session for Rare: "I just said, this is what I want to feel about myself."

    "So it wasn’t even necessarily like: ‘Oh, I feel that way; let me sing it.’ It was almost like: ‘Actually, I need to feel that way about myself.’”

    Read the entire interview here.

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