Mia Goth Has Been Sued By An Actor Who Claims That She Kicked Him In The Head

    The complaint alleges the incident took place during the filming of Mia's new movie MaXXXine.

    You know Mia Goth from plenty of things...

    A closeup of Mia in sunglasses

    And if you're a horror fan, you probably loved her in the 2022 film Pearl.

    Mia smiling creepily in Pearl

    You probably also know that Pearl was the sequel to X from the same year — and that we're getting the third film in the series, MaXXXine, later this year.

    her character sitting at a vanity and looking back over her shoulder

    Variety reports that Mia is being sued by a background actor who worked on MaXXXine, accusing her of battery as well as her, the production company A24, and the film's director, Ti West, of wrongful termination.

    closeup of Mia sitting for a fashion show

    The suit alleges that the actor, James Hunter, was deliberately kicked in the head by Mia after he complained to the film's second assistant director that she nearly stepped on James in a previous take.

    James also alleges that Mia “taunted, mocked and belittled” him in the bathroom after the scene was finished.

    James also claims that, while driving home from the shoot that night, he felt lightheaded and had to pull his car over twice — and that the casting agency told him not to return for the remaining two days of filming.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Mia's reps for comment; we'll let you know if we hear anything back.