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    Machine Gun Kelly Was Electrocuted During A Super Bowl Weekend Event And His Hair Stood Straight Up

    Don't worry, MGK's OK...but, still, getting electrocuted while performing on stage, that's some scary stuff.

    You know Machine Gun Kelly.

    closeup of machine gun kelly

    And you know that this is Super Bowl weekend, with the big game set to go down tomorrow evening.

    football field with the chiefs and eagles logos

    Well, MGK was performing at a Super Bowl weekend event in Phoenix when he experienced something quite shocking — literally.

    closeup of MGK

    MGK shared on his IG Story that, during the performance, he was electrocuted to the point where his hair stood up.

    machine gun kelly performing and his hair standing straight up

    “YOOO 🤯 I GOT ELECTRICUTED (sic) AND MY HAIR STOOD UP ⚡️🤣⚡️,” he wrote in the slide, along with a video showing his hair standing up straight.

    closeup of mgk

    Yikes! But it seems like everything was OK — I mean, MGK would've let us know otherwise, right?

    closeup of mgk behind stage

    This isn't the first injury to rock the Machine Gun Kelly Extended Universe in recent weeks. You might remember that Megan Fox showed up to Grammys weekend with her beau — with a concussion as well as a broken wrist.

    closeup of the couple

    Stay safe out there, kids!

    closeup of the couple