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    Kacey Musgraves Is Helping Out Texas Charities By Trolling Ted Cruz With This T-Shirt, And I Might Buy One

    "Texas is cold, I can be cold."

    Kacey Musgraves: an icon, a legend.

    Kacey Musgraves at the launch of her Slow Burn candle in New York City wearing a metallic suit with her jacket completely unbuttoned and no shirt underneath

    Ted Cruz right now: not so much!

    Ted Cruz at the Cancun airport

    Obviously, no one's too happy with Cruz right now. But Musgraves is making lemonade out of all of those lemons by selling a Ted Cruz-themed T-shirt to support Texas charities amid the devastating storm that the state has suffered this past week.

    Texas is cold, I can be cold.

    @KaceyMusgraves / Twitter / Via Twitter: @KaceyMusgraves

    "Texas is cold, I can be cold," she tweeted alongside a link to her merch store to buy the T-shirt, which is emblazoned with the slogan "CRUZIN' FOR A BRUZIN'."

    Of course, the T-shirt's sales are going to a good cause: All profits will directly go to Feed the People Dallas, Casa Marianella, and the American Red Cross of Central & South Texas.

    Pretty cool.

    Kacey also recently gave an update on her upcoming follow-up to 2018's incredible Golden Hour, and guess what? It sounds like it's probably gonna slap.

    But while we're waiting to hear it, things aren't going to get any better in Texas without some pitching in. Head here for a list of mutual aid organizations you can contribute to right now to help Texans in need.