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    Justin Bieber's Casamigos Halloween Party Costume Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

    Another...interesting look from the Biebs.

    Fact: Justin Bieber's fashion choices are always...different.

    him wearing thick bubble glasses

    Like, remember this Grammys red carpet outfit?

    wearing an oversized suit with a bright beanie and sunglasses

    What about the time he wore a damn blanket?

    he's wearing the blanket over patchwork pants and he's also wearing a bucket hat

    And that other time he wore a blanket?

    he's sitting on the couch with a blanket around his shoulders and a backward hat

    Also, like, get a load of this look.

    wearing thick glasses, a backwards hat, and leather jacket

    Justin's style choices are so let's-just-roll-with-it out there that you could say every day is Halloween for him.

    he's got his sweater's hood tied tight over his head with a hat on top of that

    So when the Biebs rolled up to the Annual Casamigos Halloween Party this weekend, it came as not too huge of a surprise that he was wearing something totally wild.

    he's wearing scuba slippers and beachwear

    Here's the look in full — purple boxers, a purple-and-orange blouse fully open, a complete snorkel setup on his head, and flippers. Yes, flippers.

    him in the getup near the dj booth

    So...what is this Halloween costume? Like, what is Justin dressed up as? Someone on vacation? Is being as rich and famous as he is not just one giant vacation? By that measure, is Justin dressed up as himself?

    justin outside in the outfit

    Where am I? What are the mysteries of life? How did I get here???

    justin with his hand on someone's shoulder following them out

    It's possible that Billie Eilish's brother FINNEAS — seen here in a costume that I can only describe as "a Blink-182 fan" — knows what's going on. But I don't.

    closeup of the two at the party

    That's Halloween — and Justin Bieber's style choices — for ya.