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    James Van Der Beek's Kids Are Not Happy About His Cameo In Kesha's "Blow" Video

    Dad, stoooooop.

    Have you ever seen the video for Kesha's "Blow"? It's ridiculous. Dawson's Creek legend James Van Der Beek stars in it, and the whole thing ends with him and Kesha having a rainbow shootout with a bunch of unicorn heads.

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    So yeah, silly stuff. "Blow" is coming up on its 10-year anniversary next February, and Van Der Beek took a trip down memory lane with his daughters — recording their embarrassed reactions for all to see, while taking to the comments to offer some insight into his career choices over the years.

    "About ten years ago, coming off a career ebb, I tried out a year of saying 'yes' to anything if I hadn’t done it before, and if it sounded like fun," he wrote. "Make fun of the crying meme? Yes!"

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    "Play a bizarro version of myself on TV? Sign me up!"

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    "Agree to do a Kesha video where I shoot unicorns who bleed rainbows? Why the hell not?"

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    As Van Der Beek's daughters watch, their faces signify pure disbelief. "I like the song, but..." one of them trails off.

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    "I guess you can’t always predict what your kids are going to think ten years down the road. Nor should you even try," he concluded. But hey — there'll always be the memories.

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