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    Jacob Elordi Ate A LOT Of Bacon To Play Elvis In "Priscilla," And The Internet Has Some Thoughts

    "Kinda funny how Austin Butler did a whole life change for playing Elvis, and Jacob Elordi just ate bacon and saw some cartoons to understand Elvis Presley."

    Sofia Coppola's latest film Priscilla, which focuses on the marriage between Priscilla and Elvis Presley, is one of the most talked-about movies right now.

    Priscilla and Elvis standing behind their wedding cake in a scene from "Priscilla"

    One particular topic of interest has been how actor Jacob Elordi — who you already know from Euphoria — prepared for the role of Elvis.

    The couple sitting at a table having drinks in a scene from "Priscilla"

    Especially because of the big deal that was Austin Butler's own preparation process for his Oscar-nominated turn as Elvis for last year's (wait for it) Elvis.

    Austin Butler as Elvis

    Austin's commitment to portraying Elvis was intense. He drank melted ice cream to gain weight for the role, didn't see his family for three years, and was hospitalized after filming wrapped because he forgot who he was. He also claimed that his Elvis voice was "in my DNA" after having spoken in it for so long.

    Austin as Elvis sitting in a car

    Naturally, all eyes have been on Jacob when it comes to his own Elvis prep — and he certainly raised a few eyebrows when he recently revealed that his only knowledge of the late pop superstar prior to filming was through the Disney animated film Lilo & Stitch.

    Closeup of Jacob Elordi

    During a recent roundtable interview with Sofia and Priscilla costar Cailee Spaeny for Entertainment Weekly, Jacob went deeper into suiting up to play The King — and, suffice to say, it involved a lot of one of Elvis's favorite foods.

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    Entertainment Weekly / Via

    After Sofia mentioned that the real-life Priscilla “told us that Elvis liked really burned bacon,” Jacob revealed that he “averaged, like, a pound of bacon a day” while preparing for filming.

    Closeup of Jacob Elordi

    “It’s not that noticeable ’cause I’m quite long, but I was the biggest I’ve ever been," he claimed.

    Screenshot from "Priscilla"

    Jacob has also recently spoken out against being compared to Austin when it comes to role preparation. “I don’t know why people make art a blood sport,” he said, referring to the comparisons as "absurd."

    Closeup of Jacob Elordi on the red carpet in a dress shirt and slacks

    But that didn't stop the internet from having opinions on this recent revelation:

    @bmc_95 / Via Twitter: @bmc_95
    "Kinda funny how Austin Butler did a whole life change for playing Elvis and Jacob Elordi just eat bacon and saw some cartoons to understand Elvis Presley"
    "Jacob Elordi: eats lots of bacon"

    @daveisverygood / Via Twitter: @daveisverygood

    @Rumrubyy / Via Twitter: @Rumrubyy
    "austin butler going through hell and back to play elvis meanwhile jacob elordi is eating bacon and watching lilo and stitch"

    @AFlNELINE / Via Twitter: @AFlNELINE

    Priscilla is currently playing in US theaters if you want to see it for yourself.