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    Thanks To Hilary Duff, Now I'm Wondering If You Can Get An Eye Infection From Many COVID-19 Tests

    "Cuz you know, 2020 and all."

    Hilary Duff recently took to her Instagram Story to unleash a ton of photos documenting how her family rang in the holidays this year.

    A little less than halfway through the massive slideshow, though, Hilary noted a point in which her eye "started to look weird.....and hurt....a lot".

    @hilaryduff / Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

    In a subsequent image, Hilary explained that a quick emergency room trip revealed the cause: An eye infection "from all the COVID tests at work...cuz you know, 2020 and all."

    @hilaryduff / Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

    Wait, what?!?

    Lifetime / Giphy

    OK, let's slow down for a second. Just to calm your nerves, as E! points out, the CDC and public health experts have not reported eye infections as a side effect of COVID-19 testing. So, like, please keep getting tested, please.

    And, look, Hilary turned out just fine. All she needed was some antibiotics to get that eye right and ready again.

    @hilaryduff / Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

    Hilary shared a bunch of joyous Christmas snaps too, including husband Matthew Koma playing Santa for their kids...

    @hilaryduff / Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

    Even if the tots weren't always feeling the holiday spirit.

    @hilaryduff / Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

    It's good that Hilary is feeling better, and that her family survived the holiday season. Now all there's left to do is take a load off.

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