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Emma Corrin's "My Policeman" Premiere Goldfish-In-A-Bag Dress Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Emma made a splash — no pun intended — at the film's premiere, while the film's other star Harry Styles was nowhere to be found.

You know how, when you get a goldfish as a pet, sometimes you have to carry it home in a plastic bag?

A goldfish in a bag

Well, that's basically what Emma Corrin wore to the My Policeman European premiere this weekend.

Closeup of Emma Corrin

In case you think I'm joking — here is the dress itself, in all its glory.

Emma Corrin on the red carpet

According to Vogue, the JW Anderson minidress — which really does resemble a goldfish floating in a bag, in the best possible way — was paired with drop earrings from Cartier.

Emma Corrin wearing a goldfish-in-a-bag dress

Of course, this isn't the first bold look Emma's rocked in public. Remember when they wore a balloon bra over a dress at the Olivier Awards earlier this year?

Closeup of Emma Corrin

Or, their top hat-and-pocket watch attire at this year's Met Gala?

Emma Corrin at the Met Gala

But wait — what did Harry Styles, who is practically the star of My Policeman, wear? Trick question: He didn't go to the premiere at all.

Closeup of Harry Styles

Unfortunately, Harry was performing in Chicago on the night of the European premiere, so he couldn't attend.

Harry Styles performing

But let's face it: Even if Harry showed, Emma's dress would still be the star of the show.

Closeup of Emma Corrin