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    Doja Cat Got A Massive Scythe Tattoo Over Her Ear, And It's Very Impressive

    Doja's always been known for her bold ink choices, and her latest tat is no different.

    Doja Cat is known for many things at this point, and her tattoo choices is certainly one of them.

    Closeup of Doja Cat

    Let's go way back to April of this year, when Doja posted new ink featuring a mythological figure of some sort — which some people immediately assumed to be Satanic.

    Closeup of Doja's tattoo

    "Whatever helps u sleep at night," she wrote back, which, yeah, fair.

    Closeup of Doja Cat

    Now, Doja's debuting a new head tattoo that's bound to get, uh, heads turning.

    Closeup of Doja Cat

    She took to her IG story to post a picture of a huge scythe going right along her ear on the side of her head. It's pretty big.

    Closeup of Doja's tattoos

    Doja also tagged the tattoo artist who put forth the new ink — specifically @jershtattoos, whose IG page is full of eye-popping work like this:

    Thus far, there hasn't been as outsized of a reaction to Doja's latest tat as the last time — but, then again, she has a lot fewer IG followers these days as well...

    Closeup of Doja Cat

    Time will tell!