Cole Sprouse Said Fans Are "Insane" After They Reported A Picture Of His Girlfriend Ari Fournier As Inappropriate

    And that's that.

    You know Cole Sprouse.

    Cole Sprouse poses on the red carpet while wearing a jacket and a button-down shirt

    The Riverdale star recently posted a picture of his girlfriend Ari Fournier on Instagram. Not this one — a different one, that you can't actually see.

    Why not? Apparently, it was taken down by Instagram after fans flagged the post as inappropriate for "violence and incitement" — which Cole himself addressed on his IG Story.

    "These kids are insane," he wrote over a screenshot of Instagram's notification that the post had been flagged.

    A screenshot of Cole Sprouse's Instagram Story post

    This isn't the first time Cole's had conflict with fans over his relationship with Fournier.

    Sprouse stares into the camera while being surrounded by shimmery effects

    Earlier this summer, he posted a snap of her and joked that it was "time to piss off the 14-year-olds."

    Sprouse poses for a photo while wearing a black T-shirt and black jacket

    At least he has a good sense of humor about it all.

    Sprouse poses for a photo on the red carpet while wearing a suit