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    Bindi Irwin Found A Bunch Of Moths In Her Laundry, And I'll Never Look At Laundry The Same Way


    Bindi Irwin has been plenty busy lately — especially since announcing her pregnancy two months ago and showing off her baby bump, too.

    The Crikey! It's the Irwins star is always sharing pictures of adorable and fascinating wildlife as well — but we all know there are certain creatures out there that can be a bit gross, too.

    With that sorta-fair warning, I'm going to present to you the following video: Bindi Irwin turning a pair of pants that had been air-drying in the laundry inside out, only to reveal that the pants are filled. With. Moths.

    "This was a first!" she wrote in the caption, slowly unfolding the pair of pants to reveal a pile of moths so substantial that I'm honestly kind of gagging right now.

    "Found a bunch of friends had moved into our laundry while it was hanging on the line. Love spending time at our conservation property in outback Queensland."

    Bindi asked, "Has this ever happened to you?" Uh, no, not really. If it did, I would never wear or look inside a pair of pants again.

    I mean, seriously — look at all these friggin' moths in one pair of pants! Ughhhhhhhhhh.

    Let's cleanse the thread with a nice koala pic. There, much better.

    Anyway, gotta give props to Bindi for showing us a hot tip here: If you're pulling laundry off the line and it's full of bugs, just shake it out. No big deal. Right? RIGHT?!?