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Bella Hadid Had A Dress Spray-Painted On Her During A Fashion Show, And It Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

The jaw-dropping spectacle took place during Paris Fashion Week, and it was truly unreal.

Paris Fashion Week is going down right now, and when it comes to big moments, Bella Hadid might have just stolen the whole damn thing.

OK, so, take a look at this dress that Bella wore at the closing of the Coperni SS23 show. Looks normal enough, right?

bella wears a skin-tight off the shoulder dress

Well, it's actually made entirely of spray paint — and it was applied to her body during the show. Yes, really.

bella posing on the runway in the dress

Bella's body was coated in a spray-on fabric called Fabrican, and the entire process was mesmerizing to watch as it unfolded onstage.

Bella Hadid closing the Coperni SS23 show getting “dressed” by being sprayed

@fashionfaguette / Twitter / Via Twitter: @fashionfaguette

First, Bella walked onstage wearing only heels and nude underwear while covering her chest with her arm.

bella walking on stage

Then, Dr. Manel Torres — who invented Fabrican — proceeded to spray the dress onto her, along with another spray-painter.

the two men use a large machine to coat Bella's body

Eventually, the spray-on fabric resembled a slip dress...

Bella posing once the men walked off stage

Which required just a smidge of adjustment to achieve an off-the-shoulder look.

woman comes on stage to adjust the straps

Then, Bella walked the runway in the "dress."

bella walking while the audience takes photos

She also made another appearance while walking with Coperni creative heads, Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant.

bella posing in the middle of the two men

Damn, Bella!

Bella looks over her shoulder as the gets to the end of the runway