Amy Schumer Revealed That She Had Her Uterus And Appendix Removed Because Of Endometriosis

    "My uterus is out."

    You know Amy Schumer.

    Amy Schumer poses for a picture on the red carpet

    The comedian and actor recently took to Instagram to reveal that she had her uterus and appendix removed as a result of treating her endometriosis.

    "So, it's the morning after my surgery for endometriosis, and my uterus is out," she said in the video. "The doctor found 30 spots of endometriosis that he removed. He removed my appendix because the endometriosis had attacked it."

    "There was...a lot of blood in my uterus, and I'm, you know, sore, and I have some, like, gas pains."

    Amy Schumer walks through a doorway with Emily Ratajowski right behind her

    In the caption of the post, Schumer wrote, "If you have really painful periods, you may have #endometriosis."

    An important message to share, and one that clearly resonated with others: Amidst a bevy of well wishes in the IG comments, Jennette McCurdy expressed empathy regarding her similar experience. "I was just told this by my gynecologist!" she wrote. "I'm bedridden for 24 hours once a month. Thank you for talking about this. Wishing you a speedy recovery."

    Jennette McCurdy's comment on Amy Schumer's Instagram page

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