Alexa Nikolas Says "Zoey 101" Creator Dan Schneider "Had To Be" Present For Her Wardrobe Fittings

    Alexa has been speaking out about inappropriate behavior at Nickelodeon following the release of Jennette McCurdy's memoir.

    You know Alexa Nikolas from her performance as Nicole Bristow on the classic Nickelodeon TV show, Zoey 101, which she appeared on from 2005 to 2006.

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    Over the past several months, Alexa has been speaking out and publicly protesting against Nickelodeon's treatment of child actors, often holding a sign that says "Nickelodeon didn't protect me."

    In a recent appearance on the Real Pod podcast, Alexa talked about her experience on Zoey 101 and says that the show's creator, Dan Schneider, would regularly attend her wardrobe fittings. She was 13 years old when she started on the show.

    “Whenever I had wardrobe fittings, [Dan] always had to be in them,” Alexa alleged. “Thank God there was a curtain, but he was literally on a chair right outside of the curtain."

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    Alexa also alleged that Dan would ask to "have the Polaroids" of the wardrobe fitting after it happened and that it's not always the case that show creators attend individual wardrobe fittings. She also opened up about the wardrobe choices she was given as well.

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    "I had to wear very short skirts," she said. "Something that [in] the interviews that I’ve done that I haven't mentioned yet was that I had to wear biker shorts under my skirts, and they had to cut the biker shorts because the skirts were too short...I was constantly having to roll down these biker shorts.”

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    As previously mentioned, Alexa protested outside Nickelodeon's HQ in August following the release of Jennette McCurdy's memoir I'm Glad My Mom Died, which referred to a figure at Nickelodeon known as "The Creator" who gave her alcohol underage and a massage without her consent.

    "I did not feel protected at Nickelodeon as a child, personally," Alexa said at the time. "So I'm demanding that Nickelodeon starts protecting children and not predators."

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    She also said that Dan was "the creator of my childhood trauma." "I did not feel safe around Dan Schneider while working at Nickelodeon," she said. "Actually every time he came on set my body got extremely tense."

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    "There was footage on Zoey 101 alone that when I look back now, I'm deeply uncomfortable by it," she also said. "An adult should know how that could be seen to others...Nobody did anything about the abuse that was happening on the set of Zoey 101."

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    Listen to Alexa's podcast interview here.

    If you are concerned that a child is experiencing or may be in danger of abuse, you can call or text the National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-2253 (4.A.CHILD); service can be provided in over 140 languages.