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    We Compared The Kardashian's Light-Up Phone Case To Others And This Is What Happened

    Light up your life.

    Hello, we're Lara and Nina, and we love selfies! Selfies are a wonderful tool. You can check to make sure you don't have food in your teeth, make your ex jealous on Instagram, and celebrate your beauty.

    But we, being non-celebs, are curious about how celebs make their selfies look so damn good. And it turns out a lot of them use selfie cases.

    In other words, they put cases on their phones that have lights to make their faces look more perfect than they already are.

    So we decided to try out three different cases and see which one was the best.

    We ordered the LuMee case ($54.95), made popular by the Kardashians; a knock-off case we found on Amazon ($29.95); and the Ty-Lite case ($79.99) made popular by Beyoncé.

    Nina's thoughts on LuMee: The LuMee case seems like it'd be perfect for ~the club~. I really like how it seemed to brighten up my eyes and highlighted my face. My regular selfie is fine, but this case really enhances it. I don't often take selfies in dark places, but if I had this case, I might start. It is SO hard to take off, though. I literally had to use a letter opener to pry it off my phone. But a bomb-ass selfie is worth the risk, tbh.

    Lara's thoughts on LuMee: OK, honestly, my selfie does look better, but it's not THAT great. It could definitely use some editing, but #NoFilter. I liked how this case looked on the phone best of all, but the actual light-up effect wasn't that great. Would I buy this? Probably not. Would I use it if someone had it? Hell yeah.

    Side note: It took a LETTER OPENER and a lot of hard work to remove the LuMee from Nina's phone.

    Nina's thoughts on the iPrimio: OK, this case LOOKS identical to the LuMee, but I actually don't think it's the same. I think the light is cooler and not doing me any favors. I think the light has to be subtler for it to give you that glowing look. This just makes me look like a deer caught in the headlights, which is definitely not the vibe I'm going for.

    Lara's thoughts on the iPrimio: This case is significantly cheaper than the LuMee, and I think my selfie looks better. So this is awesome. I would definitely use this again, but it's less sturdy than the LuMee, and even though my skin looks great, I don't think it would protect my phone. But who cares as long as I look good.

    Nina's thoughts on Ty-Lite: This case gets mad bonus points for being easy to take on and off. It has three different lighting options: a warm tone, a cool tone, and one that's a combination of both. I know Beyoncé supposedly uses this case, but it doesn't make me feel like a queen. I think it gives my pictures a kind of...dusty overtone? IMO they look a little low-quality. I don't think it's worth the steep price.

    Lara's thoughts on Ty-Lite: OK, Ty-Lite is the most expensive one, BUT it's also the easiest one to get on and off your phone and comes with THREE DIFFERENT LIGHTING OPTIONS. Also, rumor has it that Beyoncé herself has used one of these phone cases. That's enough for me. I'm sold. For the record, I don't know what the hell the middle color is for, but maybe one day I will find out.

    Our Winner:

    Nina loved the LuMee, and Lara loved the Ty-Lite. But the real winner here is selfies. Take more.