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    This Is How Different Your Body Can Look With A Spray Tan

    Keeping up with the KardashiTANS.

    Kim recently posted about the tanning techniques of Jimmy Coco on her app and we were curious.


    Can getting a spray tan really make you look more toned? We had to see.

    But before we got started, we wanted the expert himself to give us some Tannin' Tips. ™

    Jimmy let us know that prepping your skin prior to your spray tan application is crucial to the outcome, as well as how long your tan will last. And cardinal rule: Do not apply lotion to your skin right after a tan. Spray tans develop better on dry skin. In the shower, do not use a loofah or scrub! Use soap and water and be ~gentle~. Of course, after your tan has developed and you have showered off, be sure to apply lotion to your skin at least once daily, as hydrated skin is key to a long-lasting tan.

    Then, it was time to T.A.N.

    Want to be a bronzed goddess too? Check out some of the products we used here.

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