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    14 Reasons Kit Harington Is Absolutely Perfect

    Break me off a piece of this Kit-Kat.

    1. This shirt wound tightly around his biceps.

    Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

    2. This laugh.

    Mike Coppola / Via Getty Images

    3. This unbuttoned flannel shirt.

    Michael Buckner / Via Getty Images

    4. This tongue.

    Araya Diaz / Via Getty Images

    5. This bare chest.

    Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

    6. This blowing of a kiss.

    Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images

    7. This look of pure happiness.

    Araya Diaz / Via Getty Images

    8. This smoldering stare.

    Via HBO

    9. These forearms.

    Via Rex USA

    10. This hair.

    Frederick M. Brown / Via Getty Images

    11. These luscious lips.

    Via Rex USA

    12. This casual caress.

    Via Rex USA

    13. This hair ruffling in the wind.

    Via HBO

    14. And this example of a perfect abdomen.

    Jake Chessum for Men's Journal / Via

    God bless you, Kit Harington.

    Toby Canham / Via Getty Images