19 Tweets About Sephora That Are Funny Because They're True

    *enters Sephora with only $300 in my checking account and really questions if food is actually necessary for survival*

    1. This tweet that is also #goals:

    2. This tweet that pretty much sums up how you feel about your period:

    3. This tweet about a new form of Uber:

    4. And this tweet that pretty much sums it up with one picture:

    5. This tweet that used SpongeBob Squarepants in the most perfect way:

    6. This romantic observation:

    7. This summary of the perfect date:

    8. This description of thoughts we've all had:

    9. This tweet about something that happens too often:

    10. This video tweet that you wish weren't true:

    When people walking slow and I'm trying to get to Sephora

    11. This very reasonable request:

    12. This perfect response to a sketchy text:

    13. This picture that is way, way too accurate:

    14. This tweet that tells the truth about Valentine's Day:

    15. This tweet about what it's really like shopping in Sephora:

    16. This tweet about the true struggles:

    17. This tweet about your one, true shopping wish:

    18. This tweet about ~true love~:

    19. And this tweet that pretty much just sums it all up: