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    29 Things That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood Summer

    Sun's out, water gun's out.

    1. Blasting your friends with SuperSoaker

    2. Slipping down a Slip-N-Slide

    3. Running through a sprinkler

    4. Riding around on a Razor scooter

    5. Drawing with sidewalk chalk

    6. Chasing after an ice cream truck

    7. Hopping over the Skip-It

    8. Getting around using roller blades

    9. And turning your neighborhood into a skate park with your roller skates

    10. Driving around with your Power Wheels

    11. Using your jump rope in the backyard

    12. Having a Nerf Gun war

    13. Taking your Mermaid Barbie to the pool with you

    14. Wearing water floaties

    15. Spending hours in a kiddie pool

    16. Driving up and down your sidewalk in your Cozy Coupe

    17. Going down a water slide

    18. Walking around in your Moon Shoes

    19. Taking "pictures" on your Fisher Price Toy Camera

    20. Jumping on the trampoline

    21. Watching your Sky Dancer dolls fly

    22. Making Sno-Cones with the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

    23. Learning to ride your bike with training wheels

    24. Having water balloon fights

    25. Listening to music outside on your Discman

    26. Catching fireflies

    27. Eating otter pops

    28. Having your parents apply sunscreen

    29. And playing with sparklers every July