29 Things That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood Summer

Sun’s out, water gun’s out.

1. Blasting your friends with SuperSoaker

Flickr: himmelskratzer / Via Creative Commons


2. Slipping down a Slip-N-Slide

Flickr: camknows / Via Creative Commons

And adding soap to make it more slick.

3. Running through a sprinkler

Flickr: good_day / Via Creative Commons

While wearing all of your clothes.

4. Riding around on a Razor scooter

Flickr: suhendralie / Via Creative Commons

And having to wear shoes because the brake would burn your bare feet.

5. Drawing with sidewalk chalk

Flickr: kenwilcox / Via Creative Commons

You were a legitimate ARTIST.

6. Chasing after an ice cream truck

Flickr: amls / Via Creative Commons

The hardest decision of your life was trying to decide what type of ice cream to order.

7. Hopping over the Skip-It

And the pain you would feel when it accidentally hit your leg.

8. Getting around using roller blades

Flickr: niclindh / Via Creative Commons

Getting around your neighborhood was suddenly so much easier.

9. And turning your neighborhood into a skate park with your roller skates

Flickr: cheesy42 / Via Creative Commons

And the scars you still have from your falls.

10. Driving around with your Power Wheels

Flickr: camknows / Via Creative Commons

And all the ROOM you had for your other toys to ride with you!!

11. Using your jump rope in the backyard

Flickr: loonyhiker / Via Creative Commons

Cinderella dressed in yellow…

Went downstairs to kiss her fellow.

12. Having a Nerf Gun war

Flickr: tomascosauce / Via Creative Commons

And then trying to find all the darts.

13. Taking your Mermaid Barbie to the pool with you

Flickr: 15157516@N02 / Via Creative Commons

And pretending you were both mermaids, hanging out.

14. Wearing water floaties

Flickr: peasap / Via Creative Commons


15. Spending hours in a kiddie pool

Flickr: hownowdesign / Via Creative Commons

The water was always warm and welcoming.

16. Driving up and down your sidewalk in your Cozy Coupe

Flickr: moov4 / Via Creative Commons

Your FIRST car.

17. Going down a water slide

Flickr: blackjag / Via Creative Commons

And the fear you felt as you began to get closer to the bottom of the slide.

18. Walking around in your Moon Shoes


And how freaking cool you felt wearing them.

19. Taking “pictures” on your Fisher Price Toy Camera

Flickr: drocksays / Via Creative Commons

And your parents being glad you couldn’t ACTUALLY take pictures.

20. Jumping on the trampoline

Flickr: danielrthompson / Via Creative Commons

And having dirty feet all summer because of it.

21. Watching your Sky Dancer dolls fly

And making them fly again and again.

22. Making Sno-Cones with the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

Which made the best Sno-Cones ever, obviously.

23. Learning to ride your bike with training wheels

Flickr: moominmolly / Via Creative Commons

And the moment when you left the training wheels behind.

24. Having water balloon fights

Flickr: dmdzine / Via Creative Commons

And seeing the aftermath of balloon pieces all over the yard.

25. Listening to music outside on your Discman

Flickr: mpolla / Via Creative Commons

And having your music skip every time you ran.

26. Catching fireflies

Flickr: theloushe / Via Creative Commons

And being amazed at how your hand lit up.

27. Eating otter pops

Flickr: jek-a-go-go / Via Creative Commons

And asking everyone if your tongue was a different color after eating one.

28. Having your parents apply sunscreen

Flickr: brownpau / Via Creative Commons

And having to reapply it EVERY TIME you swam.

29. And playing with sparklers every July

Flickr: schtumple / Via Creative Commons

And still, to this day, being amazed by the designs you drew in the air with them.

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