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    18 Things That Inevitably Happen When You're Addicted To Reading

    Heroines are my heroin.

    1. When you're engrossed in a novel, you will always tell yourself, "Just one more chapter."

    2. You will begin laughing randomly when you remember a funny moment from the book you were reading.

    3. The book will ALWAYS be better than the movie.

    4. You will read your favorite books over and over again.

    5. When you're reading before bed, you keep reading, because you can sleep when you're dead.

    6. Most of your paycheck will go toward books.

    7. You will turn down plans on the weekend because you have a date.

    8. You will join various book clubs just to talk about books as much as you can.

    9. You will show up to work on Monday hungover.

    10. You will walk by a book store and tell yourself you have enough books.

    11. You'll see someone attractive reading a book and LOSE. YOUR. SHIT.

    12. You will be incredibly sad or elated based on what is happening in the plot of your book.

    13. You will spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing Goodreads.

    14. Your books will be your #1 priority.

    Just spilled water on my book and phone while I was walking... I was more worried about my book. #addictedtoreading #books

    15. You will start using slang and lingo from your books in daily conversation.

    16. Your ideal vacation will be you, reading, uninterrupted.

    17. Your books will be turned into tables and shelves, because you have so many.

    18. And when the book you were reading ends, so does your life.