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    24 Of The Shadiest Things That Happened In Your Childhood

    When you moved someone down in your Top 8.

    1. When you used your AIM away message to subtweet before you could actually subtweet.

    2. Or when you put up an away message as soon as someone tried to IM you.

    3. When you prank called someone after 9 p.m. and knew that it would wake their parents up.

    4. When you removed someone from the #1 spot in your Myspace Top 8.

    5. And when you called someone and didn't tell them that someone else was on the other line, listening in.

    6. When you wrote a ~brutally honest~ note about someone and made sure they would read it.

    7. When you watched a VHS and didn't rewind it on on purpose.

    8. When you used *67 on your home phone to make sure your friends didn't know it was you calling.

    9. When you said someone could have a piece of your candy, but only had the yellow WarHead left.

    10. When you were bored and conversing with SmarterChild, only for SmarterChild to put you in your place.

    11. When you legitimately hoped that the other people playing Oregon Trail contracted dysentery.

    12. When you got the new Mr. Sketch markers and only let your friends smell the brown and black ones.

    13. When you bit into your Ring Pop after getting into an argument with your boo who gave it to you.

    14. When you refused to share your pizza Lunchable with your friends whose parents never bought Lunchables.

    15. When you took advantage of a Pokémon noob, and didn't trade cards fairly.

    16. When you would cheat in Heads Up Seven Up because you called out people's shoes.

    17. When your friend told you that you weren't allowed to play with their Beanie Baby because it was a COLLECTOR'S ITEM.

    18. When you dished out hella bananas while playing Mario Kart with your friends.

    19. When your friend called you out on trying to watch Spice Network in parental ear shot.

    20. When your parents changed the password for the cable tv after they realized you had the other one memorized.

    21. When you got annoyed and killed your Tamagotchi pet on purpose.

    22. When you were doing your friend's MASH on paper and messed it up on purpose because their results were better than yours.

    23. When you slapped someone too hard with a slap bracelet after they gave you sass.

    24. And when you performed the cootie shot on yourself in front of someone you thought might have cooties.