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    73 Reasons You Should Live In Asia At Least Once

    From Thailand to Tokyo... there's something for everyone.

    1. Locals are all about self-expression.

    2. Which means unparalleled street style. Tokyo, anyone?

    3. Some of the greatest fashion designers in the world.

    4. Octopus.

    5. Dim sum.

    6. Kimchi.

    7. Pho.

    8. Loc Lac.

    9. Authentic sushi.

    10. Pad Thai.

    11. Laksa.

    12. Mi Goreng.

    13. Bubble tea.

    14. There are beautiful mountains.

    15. And forests.

    16. Not to mention the beaches.

    17. Riding in a Tuktuk is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can do anytime.

    18. Riding in rickshaws is both terrifying and amazing.

    19. And, of course, riding in a jeepney.

    20. The Harmandir Sahib or Golden Temple.

    21. The Borobudur Buddhist Temple.

    22. The Angkor Wat or City Temple.

    23. The Lotus Temple.

    24. The Ranakpur Temple.

    25. The Taktsang Dzong Temple.

    26. Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

    27. The Temple of Heaven.

    28. And the Golden Pavilion Temple.

    29. Most areas are known for their lower cost of living.

    30. Overall temperate climate means more beautiful days.

    31. Locals in several areas are known for their welcoming nature toward outsiders.

    32. The beautiful plants found in nature.

    33. The vast history of each country.

    34. The vast history of each country.

    35. The wide array of cultures found all over.

    36. The immaculate vegetation.

    37. There are people of all different backgrounds.

    38. Elephants.

    39. Tigers.

    40. Camels.

    41. Pandas.

    42. Fennec foxes.

    43. Loris.

    44. The combination of secluded and fast-paced environments.

    45. Some of the most spectacular cities in the world.

    46. And a vast countryside.

    47. Cricket.

    48. Table tennis.

    49. Martial arts.

    50. Some of the greatest baseball players in the world.

    51. The implementation of iHome systems.

    52. Phenomenal areas for snorkeling.

    53. And diving.

    54. And boating.

    55. The nightlife. You may or may not remember it.

    56. The street vendors.

    57. The markets where you can literally find anything you want.

    58. The impressive display of arts of all kind.

    59. The remarkable collection of universities.

    60. The advanced technology.

    61. The most unique restaurants/cafes.

    62. The collection of volcanoes.

    63. The astounding architecture found all over.

    64. Orangutans.

    65. The unique beauty routines.

    66. The timeless tradition.

    67. The various spas for rest and relaxation.

    68. The rarest coffees in the world.

    69. Ancient religious ceremonies of all kinds.

    70. One of the world's highest towers.

    71. The gaming world.

    72. The availability of natural healing and remedies.

    73. There is something for every single person to enjoy.