17 Ways Pocahontas Is The Best Disney Character Of All Time

Yo Disney princesses, Imma let you finish, but Pocahontas was the best OF ALL TIME.

1. She had a fantastic sense of humor.

Walt Disney Pictures

And never let life take that away.

2. And she had a badass tattoo.

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AND it was an arm band. Don’t f*ck with Poca.

3. She was incredibly open-minded.

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And took the time to learn about the new people in her land.

4. And she even risked her life for those she cared about, and for the greater good.

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Even if that meant disagreeing with her ENTIRE tribe.

5. She was always searching for purpose in life just like the rest of us.

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And she always tried to follow her heart.

6. She always stood up for what she believed in, and tried to see right from wrong even during great controversy.

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A great example for us all.

7. She also understood that you can’t predict life, or rather, what’s just around the riverbend.

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But that it’s important to always follow your dreams.

8. She respected her elders.

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She took time to visit her grandmother, who also happened to be a tree, and sought her advice.

9. She had great respect for Mother Nature.

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And taught others to do the same.

10. She wore jewelry like no other Disney character, ever.

Walt Disney Pictures

I mean, just look at her and that necklace. It’s perfection.

11. She was the ultimate daddy’s girl.

Walt Disney Pictures

And respected her father, as we all should.

12. And she never bothered to wear shoes because SHOES SUCK, amirite?

Walt Disney Pictures


13. She was a fantastic swimmer AND diver.

Walt Disney Pictures

Look at that form.

14. She had FANTASTIC hair that blew with all the colors of the wind.

Walt Disney Pictures

BRB growing my hair out immediately.

15. And she climbed on top of MOUNTAINS.

Walt Disney Pictures

Kind of a big deal.

16. She wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted, even if that meant someone she wasn’t supposed to see.

Walt Disney Pictures

She followed her heart.

17. And at the end of the day, she showed us all that she didn’t need a man to decide her future. She went her own way.

Walt Disney Pictures

Can we get an AMEN for independent women?

Thank you, Pocahontas.

Walt Disney Pictures

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