We Visited Jax Taylor's New Restaurant, As Seen On Bravo's "The Valley" — And This Is Our Honest Review

    We went to Jax's Studio City with open minds and open wallets, and yes, we finally tried "Mamaw's Beer Cheese."

    Hi, folks. And welcome. Suppose you, like us, have recently watched an episode of Vanderpump Rules or The Valley. In that case, you are probably pretty familiar with the likes of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright — former cast members on VPR and current cast members on The Valley.

    In that case, you are probably also aware that Jax and Brittany are the latest cast members in the Vanderpump Rules universe to dive into the restaurant industry in Los Angeles with their new bar/restaurant aptly named "Jax's Studio City."* Jax's Studio City is in Los Angeles, in the valley, and the exact address is 12514 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604, fwiw.

    Advertisement for 'Jax's Studio City' now open, with location info, hours, and website navigation options

    Jax's Studio City opened in October 2023 and began hosting various watch parties for Vanderpump Rules and The Valley in 2024. And with us being two people who live in Los Angeles and routinely rewatch old seasons of Vanderpump Rules like we do, we knew we had to check it out and give you our full review — along with the menu and photos of everything.

    Exterior of Jax's restaurant with lit signage and neon light, next to a framed picture on the wall

    So, last Tuesday, we decided to head to the valley and see what Jax's (Studio City) was all about. We chose this Tuesday because that's when the restaurant hosts "watch parties" of Vanderpump Rules, followed by The Valley. Also, according to Jax's Studio City's Instagram page, Brittany was going to make an appearance that day.

    Promotional image for TV show with cast posing, text announces "Watch Tuesdays," and includes Instagram post with hashtags and caption

    Spoiler: Brittany did not show up. At least, not while we were there. Despite waiting it out from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., we left Jax's without a sighting. Later that night, on her Instagram, we saw her hosting a "sophisticated" dinner party at her new rental. Our guess is that in light of their recent separation, she just didn't feel like it. Or, she never planned on coming, and Jax told a little fib (shocker).

    Brittany hosted a “sophisticated dinner party” at her new place. 👀👀 #TheValley #PumpRules pic.twitter.com/NY227JKM2F

    — Bye Wig Hello Drama (@nosmokenomore) April 17, 2024
    Twitter: @nosmokenomore

    Upon rolling up to the establishment, the bar's connection to Bravo and, more specifically, The Valley was VERY clear:

    Promotional poster for the show "The Valley" with cast members posing around a yellow car and a swimming pool

    Like...really, really clear:

    Sidewalk sign advertising Pacifico beer and promoting Jaxi's The Valley Watch Party

    And so was the fact that this is Jax's bar, thanks to this (rather unnecessary?) plaque:

    Plaque with "SAS STUDIO CITY" embossed, mounted on a brick wall

    When we first walked into the establishment, we saw an outdoor patio with lots of seating (like picnic tables) and many plants. It was, dare we say, a little cute and a bit of a vibe.

    Beyond the patio, there were two indoor seating areas. The first looked kind of like a sports bar in a cabin or pirate ship, with tons of hockey jerseys on the walls.

    Sports jerseys are displayed on the wall of a casual dining area

    The second room, where we were seated, had a COMPLETELY different feel. It had palm tree wallpaper, pink accents, couches that were a little reminiscent of a nightclub, and teeeeny tiny tables not even a foot apart from one another, as you can see.

    Restaurant booth with pillows, a menu, and a lit candle on the table

    We'd heard from a friend that the watch parties actually get pretty busy, so we debased ourselves and made a reservation because that felt less embarrassing than showing up to Jax's and being turned away. But when we got there, the place was EMPTY. Like, it was us, one other party, and the staff (LOL). But all the tables around ours seemed to be reserved, so we were curious as to how many parties would actually show up.

    Reserved table at a dimly lit restaurant with menus and a candle on the table

    As for the decor, the walls were COVERED with pictures of Jax and Vanderpump Rules cast members, particularly Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval. Nearly every corner had a framed photograph. It was very much giving "reliving the glory days."

    Framed photo of three individuals posing at a table, mounted on a wall with a leaf patterned wallpaper

    It was also giving...shrine. Jax REALLY wants you to know that this place is his and that it's connected to Vanderpump Rules. That worked for SUR, so we get it! It's definitely a place for Bravo fans.

    Artwork with repeated portraits above a plant and table with a candle and orchids, in a restaurant setting

    After settling into our cramped little booth, it was time to peruse the Jax's Studio City menu. Actually, there were two menus, and we're still not sure if there was a difference between the two. One was for drinks but also had food (maybe appetizers?). It included some food that wasn't on the main menu, like Mamaw (Meemaw?)'s beer cheese, which we obviously ordered because it's a part of Vanderpump lore.

    Menu featuring appetizers like Jax's American Sliders, Black & White Sesame Shrimp, and Garlic Truffle Pretzel Sticks at Jax's

    The full menu was much more extensive and had many bar food options, like "Jax's Burger" and "Jax's Sizzling Shrimp." It even had a section called "Jax's Favorite Pasta." OK, Jax. Whatever that means...

    Menu from Jack's Studio City featuring appetizers, wings, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and specialty items

    Prices for food ranged from about $15–$25 depending on the dish, which is pretty standard for LA food prices, but it still pained us to cough up the money for Mr. Jax Taylor.

    Menu from a restaurant featuring various dishes such as pizza, entrees, and Jay's favorite pastas

    The cocktails on the drink menu sounded suspiciously good (minus "The Jax"), and Jax was supposedly a great bartender for years or whatever, so we were cautiously optimistic. But we did laugh at "The Jax" cocktail which was literally just Tito's on the rocks. They also had a cocktail aptly named "The Brittany: Sweet Tea."

    A close-up of a menu displaying a selection of drinks including Bourbon Basil Bourbon, Espresso Martini, The Britney, and French 77

    Lara ordered the spicy margarita, and Shelby ordered the espresso martini, but we traded sips to get the full ~experience~.

    Two cocktails on a red table, one with a salted rim and lime wedge, the other a dark martini

    We kept to some classic cocktails because we thought they would be pretty hard to mess up. Reader: We were wrong. Genuinely, we did not go into this experience aiming to be haters. But the espresso martini was bad. It was too much vodka, not enough creamy espresso flavoring, and all-around a massive miss.

    The author holding the espresso martini

    We won't sugarcoat it; the spicy margarita was also bad. The alleged jalapeño-flavored drink was not spicy at all, it was actually very sour and just tasted very...fake. If you went to your local grocery chain and picked out a pre-made margarita mix filled with sugar, this would probably taste the same. There was also zero fresh jalapeño flavor, which we were excited about before ordering. As much as we HATE giving ANY kind of compliment to the Tom's, Schwartz and Sandy's has better drinks. Sorry.

    The author holding a drink

    Now for the food: As we said before, as diehard VPR fans, we HAD to order the beer cheese (it would kinda be a crime not to) so we could finally see if Mamaw's recipe was worth Brittany's storyline in Season 7. It came with two decent-sized pretzels and some celery (which we barely ate, but whatever). We were pleased!!!

    Pretzels, celery, and a bowl of cheese dip on a wooden serving board

    Also, the serving board was literally Mamaw-branded, with an actual picture of Mamaw. We laughed.

    Pretzel and celery sticks presented on a wooden cutting board with an engraved logo

    Okay, but this beer cheese? REALLY GOOD. Like, absolutely DELICIOUS. It was smooth, cheese-y, and even a little spicy! And the beer flavor was nice and subtle. We didn't want to like this as much as we did, but we couldn't stop eating it. Hats off to Mamaw. You win this round.

    Person's hand holds a piece of buffalo chicken wing, with celery sticks and sauce on the side on a table

    We also ordered a Margherita pizza flatbread that was decently good and a lot bigger than we were expecting! We love that!!! While the prices are about the same as those at Schwartz and Sandy's or TomTom, the portions were generally a lot bigger in our experience.

    Flatbread pizza with drizzled sauce and assorted toppings on a wooden board

    And finally, we rounded things out with a Caesar salad, because how hard is that to mess up? The salad was also yummy with a nice dressing and fluffy croutons! We were floored and honestly a little surprised by how decent the food was, and how much food we got! Considering that we paid the same amount at Schwartz and Sandy's for two lukewarm corndogs, three weird doughnuts, and some fries, this was a total upgrade.

    Assorted dishes on a table including a salad, a grilled platter, pretzel with dip, and beverages, viewed from a diner's perspective

    However, things soon made more sense when we learned from our friend who did a bit more research that the food is seemingly from the restaurant next door, aka Rocco's Tavern. We're guessing they may share a kitchen??? When we asked for to-go boxes at the end of the night, it was branded from Rocco's.

    Since this was a viewing party, they were indeed showing The Valley (and later, VPR) on every TV in the bar, at first at a very normal volume. But at exactly 7:28 p.m., they plugged something into the sound system, and the volume became screaming-level loud. We couldn't even talk to each other. All anyone in the bar could do was listen to the high-pitched whines of Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval as they complained about their lives on The Valley and VPR, respectively. Also, as the bar started to fill up, it got so, SO HOT. We were sweating so much that we almost had to ask, is Jax too cheap to pay for AC????

    Interior of a bar with tropical wallpaper, framed pictures on the wall, and a TV screen displaying a woman

    No trip to a restaurant is complete without a trip to the bathroom, and once those disappointing drinks hit our bladders, it was time. The only one we could see was a simple green door with a tiny green plaque labeled, "bathroom." There may have been another one in the Jersey/Sport/Picnic Table room, but we were not walking that far. And judging by the line that eventually formed, it very well could have been the only bathroom in the place!

    A closed door with a "Staff Only" sign indicating a private area, likely in a restaurant or food-related venue

    Behind the door was a small washing area with two single stalls. Overall, it wasn't the WORST restaurant bathroom we've ever been in, but it was very cramped. And why was there only one little sink literally two feet from one of the stalls??? We were thankful it was just us when we went, because this setup in a high-traffic situation seemed rather hellish.

    Restroom interior with two doors, a sink, mirror, and decorative plants

    As two people who sit down to pee, we have to note that the door was uncomfortably close to our knees. But, nevertheless, we persisted.

    Person wearing textured pants standing in front of a closed green door

    After noshing a bit more on our beer cheese and waiting for Brittany to show up to no avail, we decided to save our eardrums from more damage and hit the road. Plus, our room had honestly gotten pretty crowded, so we figured the staff would appreciate an empty table. After boxing up our food, thanks to our amazing server, Luma (shoutout to you, Luma!! We love you and hope we spelled your name right!!!), we moseyed out to the patio and saw the jersey room also filled to the brim with fellow Valley and VPR fans.

    People socializing in a dimly lit pub with multiple TV screens and a central bar area

    Overall, we give our experience at Jax's (~Studio City~) a solid 5.5/10 — the food was decent, the portion sizes were cool, and our waitress was an angel, but the drinks were bad. And the volume on the TVs will give literally everyone within a mile radius hearing damage.

    That's it for now! Until next time, or until yet another Vanderpump-related establishment opens up. (Looking at you, Something About Her...)

    Jax's Studio City is located at 12514 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604. And remember, you can watch every episode of The Valley and Vanderpump Rules on Peacock.