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If Hermione Granger Had Snapchat

It's Snapchat, not SNAPchat.

1. When she's in the library taking a study break:

2. When she's in the common room and spots Scabbers:

3. When she's in Defense Against the Dark Arts and wants to scream:

4. When she's walking the grounds and gets TOO excited for Quidditch season:

5. When she's embracing the cat lady lifestyle:

6. When she's hanging out with her bae:

7. When she's studying, again:

8. When she's visiting the Burrow:

9. When it's holiday season at Hogwarts and she isn't going on a ski trip with her family:

10. When it's Sept. 1 and she's on her way to school:

11. When she's in a class that's a complete waste of her time:

12. When she's chilling on a Sunday afternoon:

13. When she's feeling a little frisky:

14. When she gives in to her sweet tooth:

15. When she's campaigning for a good cause:

16. When she's embracing her role as a know-it-all:

17. And when she's hanging out with her besties and enjoying every second of it: